Home Office Staff Bios


After attending her safety school in Boston,  H somehow managed to avoid the  fruits of the late ’90’s Internet boom.  Her career highlights have included being asked by her Swiss boss to go shopping for some appropriate business clothes, lasting at a big money job for about, oh, 10 days, resigning one day after returning from a luxe business training in Singapore, almost mouth kissing Colin Powell in front of 2,000 people when he unexpectedly leaned in for a kiss when she introduced him at a conference,  and managing to never having gotten promoted during her 15 years in the workplace, which is really quite remarkable if you think about it!

Credentials include winning a New York City humorous speech competition with a speech entitled, “Cubicle Dreams: How to keep your spirit alive in the modern workplace,” making her very much qualified to write such a blog.  


After graduating from high school as valedictorian, then from an ivy league college with a 4.1 GPA (“some classes are harder…”), W has been blazing through middle management for almost 15 years now. Career highlights include:

— While working on a marketing team at a nationally-known sweepstakes company, he accidentally gave a large check to the wrong person, who had the same name as the actual winner in a small rural town.
— Introducing the suburban office concept of the ‘bagel club’ to several Manhattan offices.
— Two time team captain at company outings, reflecting his skills earned as a camp counselor.
— Although a quiet leader, has demonstrated more aggressive managerial techniques like padlocking the best chair in the office to his desk before going away on vacation.

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  1. let the crotch sniffers have their fun!

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