Brooklyn, but for realsie

We are in Ithaca for our xth vacation up here. The irony that Ithaca is exactly like Brooklyn, where we live… but 4.5 hours away… is not lost on us. “hey kids, let’s get in a car for a long time to get to a place that is exactly like here, but away! And with worse pizza!”


If we wanted to see this hippie at the Ithaca farmer’s market, for example, we could have walked up the park for 15 minutes. But there is something different — more authentic– about the way that people look down on you when you tell them that no, you did not bring your own bag. They aren’t just building a chicken coop for fun and to say they did. And they aren’t just TELLING you they are relaxed. It’s for realsie. These people are relaxed. Dinner will take you 60 minutes to get after you order. But their hippydome is for REALSIE.

I think it’s bc at the end of the day, Brooklyn people work and live in New York City. And you just can’t wash that intense funk off of you by working a 2.75 hour co-op shift.

Another funny note about Ithaca is that waitstaff/ hotel staff are infinitely more concerned with our dogs’ welfare. We waited for 60 minutes for food, but someone approached us saying, “I’m the owner… do the dogs need more water?” Our kinda place.

For the record, people up here are NOT relaxed about fracking. That shit really riles them up!

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