Absolute crazy by the dashboard light

Unfortunately I am still at my job. But to celebrate W no longer being at his (I have to tell you, this kid’s ability to work -no pun intended- the corporate severance system is legendary), I thought the least I could do was start blogging under the Live from the Home Office pretense once again!

I figure a  good segue in is this year’s rendition of Celebrity Apprentice.* This show has long fallen off of our TV radar, until I  came across the press release for the current season when it was first announced. I called W from my desk immediately. I believe the call went like this:

“Hi.  DVR. Celebrity Apprentice. LaToya Jackson. Star Jones. Little John. Meat Loaf. And… wait for it… Gary F’n Busey.**

Anywho, it’s been amazing. But the breakout star has to be Meat Loaf. Is Meat Load two words? I dunno, and i don’t care enough to google it. Every week, he is an absolute disaster. He has ridiculous ideas that he can’t articulate. He cries 3-4 times. He screams at coworkers with veins bulging out of his head.   And then, I had an epiphany a couple sundays ago:

Oh my God, my working style is just like that of Meat Loaf, my coworkers must hate me!

I won’t even get into how Meat Loaf himself has ruined Meat Loaf songs for us for the rest of our lives. But, the next time I went to scream aloud in our oh-so-trendy open office plans, I stopped and really, honestly said to myself, “Imagine how Little John would react to your actions.”

*I’ve been urged by many to document the horrific wedding planning experience I had ,  but I need to go under far, deep cover and to be honest, too soon, too soon.

** We have been diligently searching for I’m with Busey on DVD to no avail. Hopefully we can find it before our vacation in a couple weeks.

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