Pot O Gold!

I’ve been out of commission on a business trip that required 16 hour days. I’m back, and went to grab some money from the change jar to buy myself a cup of coffee this morning since I’m back to being office-level addicted to the stuff.  Why buy coffee?  Did the Home Office decide to throw the budget out the window because there is a steady paycheck?  Hell no, it’s just that someone broke the coffee pot*

The change jar is always magically full of quarters. However, on this morning…

WTF, nothin but copper!

Looks like someone has been dipping into petty cash while I’ve been away.  Investigation is pending.

* When I heard the coffee pot drop, my thought wasn’t “Oh no, the coffee pot!” or “I hope no one got hurt in there”, but rather “Thank god it wasn’t me.” Also, now we are faced with buying a new pot even though we are going to register for a new coffee machine. If anyone wants to step up and get us a preemtive new coffee maker, stainless steel with a decanter that keeps it warm, give a shout out hehe

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