I start a new job tomorrow. Kinda. In that I’ve worked there before.

Earning me the new Home Office nickname “Grover Cleveland” in reference to his nonconsecutive reigns of presidency

It’s a bit of a different role so I’m not completely reliving the past. And I’ll be already established socially, so I hear there is already a Happy Hour planned on my behalf for my first day to help me ease myself back into the day to day.

W and I were laughing anticipating IT telling me I’ll have to change my email address to say something like ‘2’ at the end because my original email address was deactivated in the system.  “I’m sorry, there could only be one email address for each particular name, and yours is deactivated. What, would you like us to change our whole IT system to accommodate you leaving the  company then coming back?”

This should be somethin!

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