Mexcellent beach reading

I figure we’ll do a recap of the Mexico trip in drips and drabs.  It was pretty great, and a good blend of “real” Mexico and swim up bars.

One of the reoccurring vacation arguments pertained to our individual choices in beach reading:

I read the latest issues of People and Us Weekly (or “the news” as I like to call it) and W read Blackwater . Look at him, does he look relaxed?  He kept trying to give me updates, too.  “Do you know that the parents of the soldiers dragged through the streets in Fallujah had to sue Blackwater to get information…”  I was like, can we please stick to more vacation level conversation, like how the Duggar baby is doing?

So for every horrific mercenary story I gave him a gossip magazine story. He eventually stopped.  He better hope what Heidi Montag’s mother thinks about her plastic surgery doesn’t come up in dinner party conversation, he’ll be woefully unprepared.

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