Donde esta El Home Office?

Hello. You’ve reached Live From the Home Office. We can’t take your call right now because we are redeeming Starwood points.

A la piscina at the hacienda. I will wax poetic about the Starwood Preferred Guest program another time.

In a classic white trashy move, at first hint of us having a regular income we are hightailing it to Mexico or a last chance time out. W asked if I was going to cash the first paycheck and buy a pinball machine. So los perros estan con nuestra familia and we are outie 5.

We are interested in testing out the Espanol– we have continued to take lessons with our teacher from Argentina via web cam.  In a great obnoxious side note, we therefore speak our limited spanish with an Argentine accent.  So no one will really understand what the F we’re saying.  The first half will be spent in a hacienda in a remote area. We are counterbalancing that with a few days in Cancun, where W is hoping to watch the Superbowl at Senor Frogs or in the comfort of our swim up bar of the good ol Westin.

I also have to do a fair amount of driving, since SOME PEOPLE never bothered to learn how to drive stick.

OK, better go before the health insurance runs out.

Leave a message at the beep.

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