Home Office VP Marketing

There is a Live From the Home Office #1 Fan who has a new job at a media company.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s the new guy, but his desk is immediately behind the chairs where they record the daily podcasts.  Meaning the whole world can see his computer screen.  It’s pretty funny, and we check it out to see what he’s up to, always hoping to catch him on ESPN.com.

So, for example, his screen is here. But closer. And bigger. How about a LiveFromTheHomeOffice.com shout out?

This is an official lobby for it. You’ll get the title of VP, Marketing, LiveFromTheHomeOffice.com. 

We told him that his desk placement gives him perfect opportunity to become a cult Internet hero.  How about dressing in a different color cape every day?  Wacky hat?  Just sitting there, doing your job as usual, but wearing a funny message on your back during the podcast taping.  The Buzz would propel those podcasts further than any New Media discusssion ever would!  If I had a choice between watching people debate the iPad from a site with just two guys on a set, or two guys on a set with the wacky Internet Marketer in the background, I’m choosing the latter.


3 responses to “Home Office VP Marketing

  1. They actually moved me to another office. They moved all of the “non-editorial” staff out of the news room. About 8 of us now share an office with The Gilt Group. While the digs are better, and the supply of environmentally sustainable cups and sporks is plentiful, my potential career as “the guy in the background” has disappeared.

  2. OH NO!!!! I had been sitting on this post too long! Very disappointed. But glad that you have a better desk.

    And given your fast response, we see that you are still LFTHO’s #1 fan. You’ll always be Guy In The Background to us.

    BTW, I think Will had gotten snubbed by the Gilt Group!

  3. I take pleasure in my status as LFTHO’s #1 fan. When is the LFTHO store going up…maybe I can get a mouse pad or something.

    We work in the office with the Accounting Department and the Customer Service folks. Quite a mix of interesting people. You one group that really doesn’t talk much, and another that won’t shut the F up.

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