Open invitation to join the Home Office

Conan’s severance package is a joke.

Really? A “you can’t work for 9 months” clause? Really?

Now me and W are pretty skilled at stretching our severance/ buy out/ “please take this and stop F-ing everything up” money. In a country of 2 weeks of vacation a year, time off is the most valuable thing to us. We need very little to live  and have zero debt. If we had more manageable dogs that people actually wanted to watch for extended periods of time, I’d be writing you from a hut in Mexico.

What I’m trying to say is that if I had $32 M, you could insert a “don’t work for 25 years” clause into my contract. Just saying.

I guess getting a $32 M payout and wanting to work again is the definition of liking your job!!

2 responses to “Open invitation to join the Home Office

  1. Well, you know, it was literally his dream job. He grew up watching Carson on the Tonight Show and Letterman on Late Nite. I mean NBC signed a 3 year contract and changed their mind in 7 months. There are penalties when you break any contract.

  2. Very true. I guess the concept of having a dream job in those terms is so beyond my comprehension, I can’t releate. I need to get going on that!

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