Must-Skip TV

H has a hard time refusing any market research related activity (ie. focus groups on ANYTHING). We received a call two weeks ago about participating in a “fun” study around a “new sitcom” and H excitedly agreed. I use quotes around “new sitcom” because at today’s Home Office Lunch Hour, we viewed the DVD (today was our assigned day to watch it) and the show was neither new nor funny.

poor guy is now forever immortalized and incessantly mocked on message boards. Although the show is getting more burn than if it actually made it to the network! 

Over  sloppy joes , we watched some sloppy tv  – The Rocky Laporte Show. Wow – what a disaster.  It was so formulaic of a CBS family sitcom, it almost seemed fake.

– slightly overweight, likeable, boorish husband: check
– snarky but loving wife who gets angry when husband doesn’t celebrate anniversary but in the end loves him for him – check!
– sidekick “buddy” who provides many of the better one liners: check
– two kids: one know it all older child who tries to give Dad advice; one dorky younger kid: check

Looks like the copyright on this failed sitcom was 2006. H and I quickly surmised that this research had nothing to do with the show and everything to do with the commercials. We found message boards and various blog posts supporting our theory (and lambasting this show). Market Research Co X must’ve purchased this debacle from CBS and appear to have been using this for the last 4 years.

We’ll see tomorrow when we get the follow up call, but I really really really hope I am wrong so I can hear H’s responses to detailed questions about Rocky Laporte’s  plot, character development and potential story arcs.


One response to “Must-Skip TV

  1. I really really think I could star in a sitcom. how did this guy get a pilot deal? according to the message boards, the follow up call tomorrow will be brutal and everyone messes with it b/c they’re so angry at the whole situation that they want to fck up the data for Procter & Gamble

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