Ghosts of cubicle dwellers past

I sat in an un-cleared out desk of an unfortunate predecessor.  Just as the gloom of vacant walls and vacant stares was getting to me, I saw sign of life tacked up to the cubicle wall:

Whoever sat here developed some sort of point system for items found on desks in the office. Did he play this game with coworkers? Was this his own personal game, developed to keep some element of fun in his day,like prisoners mark the days on the wall with slashes in old timey movies? I don't know, but it seems like something I would do. Kindred spirits. I bet that SOB is spending the winter in Costa Rica or something.

Of course, I’d have some modifications. For one, giving points for a phone is bunk, since everyone has one. And I don’t quite understand the high point value for a paper clip cup, though that’s kinda funny.  And I’d like to add a 500 point bonus for any picture of a celebrity hung up.*  And maybe a bonus for a calendar featuring animals (not in an animal rights way, in a “oh, look at the fluffy kittens” lame way).  Anywho, me and my former work friend Judy would have a multilayered point value system in place, and it would be competitive.** I like it! 

Yes, I’m making myself feel better about possibly reentering the work force.

* There was a girl at my old company who had Freddie Prinze Junior tear outs all over her desk. That would have been a gold mine.
** Btw, oh dear god, it is really hard to concentrate with all the gabbing, gossip, and giggling that takes place in an office. I deeply apologize to all former colleagues, as I am quite aware that that’s usually me. Between the date recaps, weekend plan summaries, Girl Scout cookie transactions… How do people work in these places?!!!!   Get me back to the home office!

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