Worth having a baby just to try this

Our friends introduced us to DJ Hero this past weekend. It’s pretty awesome. Even more awesome is that the male half of the couple, say we call him Josh, jazzed up his DJ turntable with an aftermarket skin.

There is something incredibly refreshing about a 33 year old buying a $15 decal for their fake DJ turntable.  “I thought shipping was included,” was his defense

Anwho, after seeing how good my girlfriend is at the game, W promptly suggested that she play DJ Hero– and only play DJ Hero– for the full 3 hours that her new babysitter is at the house each day.  That’s it. No work. No emails. No radio. No reading. No cooking. No paying attention to the baby. Just play DJ Hero. While some 22 year old is changing the baby’s diaper in the next room. That night she thought that was a great idea, but I have a feeling she might have chickened out and actually did some work. Lame O.
DJ Hero is awesome, I can’t get my “My Name is”/ “Loser” remix out of my head.  It’s also fun because there is no end to the Sam Ronson jokes, of which we have a surprising number of in our repertoire.

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