I’ll have a pizza with extra gimmick, please

Someone commented to me on Facebook, “You live in Brooklyn, but ordered Domino’s pizza?” Why yes, yes I did.

All hail the Domino's pizza tracker, perhaps the best application of the Internet since porn

Tempted by their 2 pizzas for $5.99 promo, I was elated when the above pizza tracker was emailed to me after I placed my online order.  It tells me precisely what time my pie is processed, made, put in the oven, QC’d* and sent out for delivery, and who exactly is doing each step.  It’s riveting. I’m not kidding. Although the guys didn’t quite appreciate me interrupting the Jets playoff game with updates, a la, “GUYS, GUYS!!! Jonathan just put our pizzas in the oven!!”

So yes, it’s enough for me to order from Domino’s, even though I live in the pizza capital of the world. Must be the Long Island in me.

* Quality control needs a little Quality Control itself… our “pepperoni/ green pepper” came with sausage instead of the meat we selected. Jonathan’s “double check” is a bit questionable. We have a free pie credited to our account, though I’d have to call, eliminating my ability to track my pizza. Don’t know if it’s worth it.

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