Business idea

You know how in “Knocked Up” the guys are trying to make a web site documenting the naked scenes in every movie?

I am going to launch

My dog goes absolutely ape shit whenever she hears a dog in a movie. And it’s not like you need to be watching Air Bud or Beethoven or Snow Dogs. There can be a barely discernible, dog somewhere in the background of a busy city scene (as we learned while watching Taxi Driver), that you would not normally notice if it wasn’t for our puppy knocking over whatever is in the way between her and the window to go check it out.

We just watched Cool Hand Luke last night and the prison escape scenes were barely tolerable… the blood hounds chasing sexy Paul Newman nearly gave my dog a coronary.

I think I might actually get going on To know where to fast forward to not have to deal with an out of control, mouth foaming dog would be great. Investors, please come forward.  Or others who might like to watch movies and document any scene in which a dog starts barking.

One response to “Business idea

  1. Ed and I always comment on how DAG (i.e., Dog Actors Guild) has their hand in so many movies. Voiceovers, walk-on roles, and then some. Maybe an acting career is in Lucaya’s future???

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