Does the Hula Hoop Union have a health plan?

The big NYC snow storm happened exactly a week after Festivus .  We needed to get out of the house and ye olde buzz on since we  had a stressful snowy drive back from the latest stop on the 1 year old birthday party circuit. We had a solid 10 minute walk home from the pub where we watched some sporting event (I can’t recall what we needed to see, but it required walking far in the snow to find a place that had it on TV AND food). By the time we left, it was nutso snowing out, so that 10 minute walk became 20.

The last bar closest to home, Bar 4, is not my favorite place. It’s loud, often has live music, and is filled with people no older than 25 years old.  We walked in and it was the same old scene, and I was just about to suggest that we forget it and go home, when… I hear an announcement that it was the last chance to buy raffle tickets before the first performances started.  It ends up, God Bless Brooklyn, that we stumbled upon some theater troupe’s holiday party.  A pretty girl in a bomber jacket, goggles, and mini skirted Santa gear sits next to us, tells us she’s the Sleigh Driver, then takes a shot of whiskey. Take off your coat, honey, we’re staying a while.

To our delight, the first act was called to the stage and it was no other than the Sleigh Driver herself, who apparently is a professional hula hooper.  She had a whole pin up style hula hoop performance set to Feliz Navidad. The whole time I’m thinking, “how does one get into this, and how did opportunities like being a professional hula hooper pass me by?”

After some diligent googling, W was able to find the profile of the hula hooper, pictured here at an event, on a hula hooping community web site. And here I was thinking he was networking on LinkedIn all day.

Best part — one of the raffle prizes was a personal hula hoop lesson with her!  I could not stop thinking about how this would had all played out if Festivus was that night. I know at least one friend who would have proposed to her, and another who would have spent about $2000 on raffle tickets to win the lesson (only to win season tickets to the troupe’s performances, I’m sure).

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