Costume change

When gathering my interview materials, I included a comfortable pair of pants so I could find a bathroom and change out of this uncomfortable/ unnatural suit asap. There might have been some “you’re not serious are you?” comments thrown around. But as I sit here waiting for my lunch date in Chelsea, I am quite pleased with my foresight.

Interview tip: bring your resume, portfolio and comfy shoes and cords. Although try not to annoy the swedish interviewer, as I believe I did.  ( Stop making me interview with foreign women, they are not my target audience!  )

At least I’m comfortable now!

W update: While preparing for her interview last night, H asked me if I could bring her a comfortable change of clothes when we met for lunch. Not sure eating at a chinese restuarant and then taking a subway directly home required a full change from “work clothes” to flannel pants and a fleece. H’s request made it sound like she was leaving work to go apple picking and then horseback riding. Wow – it’s going to be a rough transition from the home office lifestyle! At least when I leave the home office, I will most likely still be able to maintain my uniform (ie. jeans, black T, adidas) – got to love internet marketing!

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