I get older, they stay the same age (my friends, that is)

I accompanied my friend to a party in a crazy cool Brooklyn apartment.  It was stylish and immaculate. It was full of gay guys from her swim team. It was great.  My friend is only 27… it’s good to maintain younger friends, they keep you on your toes and don’t need babysitters!

This wasn’t a planned thing- we were on the subway and she said, “I said I’d stop by this party, I’m getting off here” and I said, “I’ll come with you.”  hmmm I wasn’t really invited, was I?  Today she IM’d me to recap how much fun we had and that she was planning on staying for 20 minutes, but with me we ended up staying for 3 hours.  And throughout the party, while I was chatting away about everything from my favorite dips to Argentinian polo players, she kept telling me how I’m the best person-to-bring-to a-party-ever– I’m self sufficient and chatty.  Oh, and I got shit canned (no dinner mistake) so badly that the dogs were afraid of me when I came home.

W just rolled his eyes when I told him that I was a hit, sure that I was just annoying everyone. HOWEVER, I have proof that I was a hit…

one of my new friends gave me his business card so that he could invite me to his party!

I was immediately called Kathy Griffin

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