Pass the Werthers

W has taken to reading his new book all bundled up on the reading chair. I make fun of him for looking like an old lady, and have run with it. Comments just today include:

– how’s “chicken soup for the soul” coming along? Heart warming isn’t it

– i’ll fix you some soup for dinner (at 5 of course)

– can I get you another butterscotch, ma’am

You get it. But then I was like wait, he really is like an old lady! He is:

— obsessive about the neighbors picking up their mail (“do they not see it?? Oh, I’ll just bring it up to them”)

— already worried about the traffic to the upper east side on new years eve

— always thinks he’s sick or that a pimple is worrysome

— sensitive to temperature

— suggested we eat dinner at happy hour at brookvin… Bet 5-7

If he starts calling me dearie I’m out!

UPDATE:  he asked me if I wanted tea and babka as an afternoon snack!

One response to “Pass the Werthers

  1. Maybe you should get Will a Snuggie for Christmas. Do they make Cornell Snuggies?

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