Need new office space

My Facebook status is now, “Trying to find a Brooklyn coffee shop with an open table and wifi is like trying to find a boyfriend in a gay bar.”  I spent 40 minutes walking around trying to find one.  To add an extra whammy to my cause, my laptop battery sucks so I need an outlet. I might as well be asking for a pony.

It's amazing how quickly you hate every single smug person with their stupid f'n Apples and Netbooks out on their tables, with their large coffees and croissants, who look like they are not going anywhere for hours. I WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

The only option was Hanco’s, the Vietnamese sandwich shop.  But I think they only serve bubble tea, which although delicious, is not exactly the coffee I need.  And I think there is a limit to how much Vietnamese sandwich flavors one can smell. So I came back to the home office, defeated.  The dogs were excited to have me back.

It’s amazing how I wanted to leave to have new surroundings to write in.  Even though it’s technically quieter at home, with no screaming kids and constant in and out of customers, every little sound bugs me.  And my office assistant just dragged her ass across the carpet.  Hmmm, maybe I should drag my ass across the floor at Connecticut Muffin to free up some tables…

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