Hot topic: Scientific method

11:18 am, on a Wednesday

“What is the scientific method anyway?,” W asked,  as I proclaimed that I was going to use it to determine what method of coffee making produces the best cup. You see, we both share the coffee making responsibilities, and we both mix flavored and regular coffee in vastly different styles.

Don’t forget to retest!

“I believe it is when you measure things, then write it down,” I responded.

Oh the possibilities!  How many scoops of flavor vs. unflavored?  Do you alternate flavor and non flavored scoops, or dump in all at once?

“Yes,” said W, “I do think this calls for the scientific method!  I believe it calls for testing, then retesting.”

“Oh wait, I think we need to have a hypothesis somewhere in there,”  I added, no doubt making Mrs. Sauro from 7th grade science proud.

So the Home Office has a new project, so wait with baited breathe as we hypothesize, test, retest and write down our findings for subjective best coffee methods.

Oh yes, Ask a question! I knew ‘writing it down’ was a step, at least

2 responses to “Hot topic: Scientific method

  1. I think you need a constant too right? So for every wacky combo coffee, you should have a regular coffee to compare it too. Or is it called a variable? A constant variable. Right? Fucking science.

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