The Shrine

There really isn’t anything I can say to accompany the photos to this post besides, “W’s mom has never touched his childhood bedroom.” I took these shots while staying overnight during Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, that’s right, the two of us shared the twin bed. With a 50 pound dog.

Hey, the guy knew what he liked from a young age. I would ask him what country he represented in the mock senate, but I don’t want to give away this blog post.

Hey Mom, Dad… do not disturb

Can you believe I was asked to edit this image to block out the recipient’s name? haha. Whoever she is, with a mix like this I hope she put out once in Buffalo

Valedictorian plaque right next to the bed. If that doesn’t seal the deal, the Bobby Nystrom Islander card will.

And yes, I do realize that one day this room will be recreated in our rec room somewhere.

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