Ghost of Xmas Past

On our first Xmas, 4 years ago, Hollie took the time to make me a personalized coupon book. To her dismay, I still have this book and found it today.

H: So what. Those coupons are expired!
W: Actually says on the first page “No expiration date”.

There are several I have yet to redeem as I have used them strategically. Some good ones left include:

One pass to get out of walking the dog. H claimes this is only good for Dog #1 since it was given pre-puppy acquisition and the illustration only seems to depict one dark, goofy, insecure mutt.
One Tivo slot for a Sci-Fi, Political or War based TV Show or movie. H and I have to negotiate adding new shows to our joint watching regimen. I generally have to cajole her to watch shows like 24 (fortunately she has a crush on Jack Bauer) and Lost.

That’s Loony! Judge Judy is the last show we’ve agreed upon.


Thirty (30) Minutes of Quiet. When I first received this coupon, I immediately had the foresight to ask that I could redeem this in 5 minute increments. I still have 25 minutes left!** 

I wish I thought of redeeming this during a recent fight when H hurled a 5lb bag of onions at me (although this would have resulted in either 1. breaking the tension or 2. breaking off our engagement…good story either way)

* H does not like any movie or TV show with: too much tension, complexity, gore, suspense, fantasy, possibility of a bad ending, potential for an animal to get hurt and/or anything that would result in her having too many questions or require her to keep track of too many characters. This essentially only leaves us with How I Met your Mother, Project Runway and any Hugh Grant movie. As you may imagine, going to the movies (despite the fact that we love 1/2 block from one), is not a common field trip at the Home Office

** The 5 minutes I did claim occurred shortly after I received this book, while driving an inebriated H home from a holiday party in NJ. It was snowing so hard I could only see a few feet in front of me, and there was 2 mins left in an important Giants game. SHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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