The Biggest Sponsor

My favorite part of the Biggest Loser is when the trainers pull aside one of the contestants for a heartfelt one-on-one conversation, which inevitably leads to a shameless plug for a sponsor. The transition is so un-smooth, it’s glorious.

Last night’s conversation was a gem and centered around the contestant’s fear of going back into normal society.
Contestant: I am just nervous about how I am going to make time to exercise in my daily routine and how to make sure I put my health as a top priority in my day to day.
Jillian: You’ve come so far already, I am very proud of you. And…a good cereal to snack on when you are at home is Whole Grain Cheerios. They are nutritious, tasty and a great pick me up.  Just remember that and you will be fine!

"C'mon! Just 3 more! And when you are done, I have some tasty apple slices that have been kept fresh by these Glad Resealable Bags.....Keep pushing!"

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