Suck it, Disney

Before joining the home office we took advantage of W’s VIP status at Disney and went to Disney World on the [relative] cheap.*  Of course there is nothing really cheap about Disney.  It was all behind us but we were reminded a couple days ago when Disney sent us an email that our online photos, taken by professional photographers throughout the parks, were about to expire.  We better order now or lose precious memories forever!

We only relied on these carefully situated photographers at the water park, where we didn’t have our own camera with us.  I was truly disgusted, though not surprised, to learn that a mere 4×6 photo would cost $14.99 to order.  Oh, you want to just print the photo out yourself?  Yeah, that’ll be $14.99  to download the photo as well.  Then I had a solution…

FU Disney, we’re taking pictures of our pictures. Btw, we had the same method at all the “see yourself on the ride” photos at the park. Cheap and clever, we are.

Of course I kinda regretted this because W spent the next 3.5 hours on the project.

Look at these happy people splashing around in Typhoon Lagoon and ripping off Disney

Not bad, right?  We figure we’re not blowing pictures of ourselves up to poster size, just enough to get the point across. And I wasn’t going to pay actual money for “not good but funny” photos such as:

In this impressive display of upper arm strength, Hollie tries to hoist her ass out of the water coaster tube.She will lose the struggle and end up tipping herself over. And yes, the lighter person is supposed to go in the front.

BTW Typhoon Lagoon kicked ass, but might have been because the park was pretty empty, so as soon as we got to the bottom we would just climb back to the top and have another go. Oh, and we didn’t have to pay for it.

* Fortunately the company is such a mess and cared so little about the takeover of W’s company that he didn’t even get docked vacation days. I don’t even think they knew he wasn’t in the office.  Opposed to at the home office where we are fully aware of one another’s vacation days and who owes who dog walks.

** I could really write about 500 posts about various things from Disney.  When I’m out of material i’ll pull up a picture or facebook status from our week there and expound. hold on to your horses.

H UPDATE  I just reread this. Wow, we’re really cheap. Or “careful with money” as some might say.

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