What a difference a year makes

This past weekend we went to our now annual Jets game with our friends. Unfortunately this year I spent the day before the game curled up on the bathroom floor and praying to keep down a Triscuit and ginger ale (one of those where did the hangover end, where did the swine flu begin chicken/egg scenarios- I was actually relieved to see I did have a real fever and it lasted for 24 hours, so I knew it wasn’t solely the result of a Friday night gone awry).   It was questionable if I was going to make the game or not, but did so because :

1) despite lots of phlegm I did feel a lot better on Sunday;
2) I wasn’t able to eat anything the day before and was starving, so looking forward to our friends’ tailgate spread;
3) It was very mild out; and, perhaps most importantly
4) I was told how much the tickets cost and god help me if we were going to miss the game

The experience was a bit different from last year’s outing:

Last Year: Tons of beer, face paint, unbridled enthusiasm in ’08

This Year: Dayquil instead of booze, glasses instead of facepaint, ladder golf instead of fist pumps in ’09

“Subdued” seemed to be the name of the game all around, as we overheard one group of guys sitting behind us talking about Marcus Aurelius, another group talking about the implications of trying the 9/11 terrorists in New York, and the group in front of us were of some unknown Scandinavian country and just passing around some strange chocolate bar the whole time.  Never fear, we’ve already plotted back our path to greatness in 2010. There might be green hair extensions involved.

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