20 questions

It’s a rare occurrence when there is a straight forward question and answer between W and his friends.  Typically the question is delivered in a multiple choice format, e.g., “Guess what was so-and-so’s excuse for not hanging out tonight…. was it:  A) There is a professional family photo shoot in the morning; B) his mother in law needs him to take her to the gynecologist; C) He promised his wife he’d watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale live; or D) he has to go to the Gymboree graduation.”  We all then get to weigh the validity of each statement, come up with our guesses, then inevitably laugh at the real answer.

I personally love it, and I actively engage in and love creating my own multiple choices.  It’s even fun when it’s something as simple as guessing the name of the waiter (“Is it A)  Jebediah; B) Orion; C) Darnell or D) Mikhail”).

Today I got to overhear W on the phone with our friend as he was figuring out the answer to one of the most fun reoccurring questions… “Guess who friended me on Facebook?” However today must’ve been a slow day at all the offices, because instead of multiple choice, he had Will play 20 questions.

Block out from 3-4 on your calendar… it’s time to play “Guess who friended me on Facebook”. Note: this dude is not an actual friend of mine

How I wish I the video recorder out, because W’s side of the conversation went along the lines of:

“Is it a girl?”

“From high school?”

“Our year?”

“What about our elementary school, did she go there?”

“Was she friendly with Mike?”

“Rachel Greenfeld!”*

“No?  Ok. Um, Was she cooler than us?”

“Was she hot?”

“Is she still hot?”  [lots of laughter while there is some follow through to this question on the other side of the conversation]

“Was she a cheerleader?”

“Um… Did you ever take her to see Les Mis?”

“OK, so she’s our age, was hot, may or may not have been a cheerleader, she is not friendly with Mike, you don’t think she was any cooler than us, and you never took her to a Broadway play…  Danielle Adelstein!”*

“No? Hmm… what, am I at question 11?  Did… she work in Sunrise Mall?”

“Did she work in the Gap?”

You get the picture… I don’t know if this translates, but I was hysterical.  I highly recommend bringing back 20 questions to your day-to-day, it makes things more interesting.

* No names of known people were used in this blog post.  If you are a Rachel Greenfeld or Danielle Adelstein who found this when you googled yourself, rest assured that this was a random concoction of likely Long Island Jewish girls names born between 1974- 1979.

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