Monday’s Hot Topic: Budget Cuts

I need a haircut. I stopped commuting to an office 5 weeks ago and haven’t gotten a trim since then. H thinks it’s absurd that I travel from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side and pay more than $10.

H’s arguements:
– “There’s nothing to cut! What kind of skill do you need for that?”
– “Two blocks away you can go to an old school Brooklyn barber shop. Why travel on 3 subways for a haircut”*
– “You just go to your place because all of the people who work there are hot European women”
– “While we are both working at the Home Office, you are going to drop $40 on a haircut? How cost conscious is that?”
– “Josh has a guy in walking distance. He does a good job, has been in the neighborhood for 40 years, and only charges $7″

All fair points, however…I am a loyal customer. And while it is a bit embarrassing to walk into Amour de Hair (or admit to frequenting it), they do love hair! I somehow ended up going there while living on the UES and will not stray from my “stylist” Niki* (granted, there is limited styling that can be done to my head at this point).

I’ve never seen him, but this is how I imagine “Josh’s guy”. That is not what Niki looks like.

One of my friends is also a loyal patron but he prefers another one of the women there. We’ve debated who is better and he has even suggested that Niki was Elana’s apprentice. Ridiculous.

Despite H’s protests, I made the trip last night and was delighted by a new service at ADH. As the young pretty Croatian girl began to wash my hair she gently reached under my chair for a moment. To my surprise and delight, at no extra charge, a massage ensued.

HT1650guy.jpg HT1650 guy image by mllaptops

they’ve installed brookstone massage chairs where you get rinsed. Bukur! (that’s “beautiful” in Albanian)

Josh has good recommendations on pizza, the best inter-borough driving routes to take and other helpful hints. However, he can keep his 75 year old Italian man, his free shot of sambuca and the $25 he saved on his trim. I’ll happily take my 45 minutes with attractive Eastern European women who have an unparalleled love for hair!

*The old school Brooklyn barber shop H references has only 2 choices – mushroom or fade. Sorry if I don’t want to look like Pete Rose or Kid N’ Play.

**W fun fact. Only 3 people have cut my hair.
1) My Mom
2) Jimmy (we have him to obliging my requests for the classic Long Island spiked hair and tail!)
3) Niki
(ok – there is a 4th; the woman in Argentina who could not speak one word of English. With my limited Spanish vocabulary, I think she thought I said “Make me look like Maradona”. I subsequently walked around Buenos Aires for a month with a mullet)

HOLLIE UPDATE Note that despite W’s $45 haircuts, I haven’t had as much as a pedicure since August, forget about haircuts.  Also, this topic seems very familiar, I feel like I’ve blogged about it before.  It’s ringing a bell… I think I wrote something on an old blog when “Amour de Hair” was featured on The Real Housewives of New York.  I also remember googling “hot european girl”.

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