Tuesday Hot Topic: the Brownstone commune?

Seems the boyfriend of one of our upstairs neighbors has moved in. We’ve heard activity upstairs during the day, for the past week and a half, and attributed it solely to the move and reorganization of the apartment.

Between all of the Moms and jobless, weekday Brooklyn looks like midtown Manhattan at 5PM.

This morning both H and I determined that either R works from home, is independently wealthy or is  without gainful employment.

Nonetheless, the good neighbors we are – we are thinking of offering R an internship at the home office. We noticed him doing his part this AM, sweeping away leaves in front of our building (perhaps our older neighbor also subtly commented to him about how quickly the leaves pile up?), so we think he can be a quick contributor. I suggested that we ask him to walk the dogs this morning, in exchange for a breakfast plate of Swedish pancakes and a hot cup of coffee. Coincidentally, this was the deal that H struck with me. Stay tuned…

our very own park slope kibbutz?

PS. Not sure how this will go over. So far we have yet to have much of a social relationship with our building mates. Why wouldn’t we hang out? They seem cool and roughly our age; although socially awkward at times, we are not that offensive; we have a backyard, bbq and plenty of beer. hmm.

More to come as we refine our recruitment strategy…

H UPDATE They’ve been suspiciously more wary of us since that late-night, wine-fueled fight we had during which I threw a 5 lb sack of onions at your head at 2:30 am.  Also, your Tim Gunn impression might carry through the brownstone.  Oh, and when my friends are over, they aren’t exactly politically correct or quiet.   A few guesses.

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