Monday hot topic: V

The SciFi channel is running both the V mini-series and original TV series on loop, in anticipation for the new V series on ABC.  We stayed up to 2 am just basking in the  awesomeness of the original. Some things just do not need to be remade.*

“V, the second generation” translates into “there are going to be a lot of disappointed 35 year olds”

There is just no way the magic is going to be recaptured.  I mean CGI space ships are not why people like V!  I want to see the spaceship made of cardboard!  And a guy who calls himself a journalist, but who is really just the camera man!  And less dialog, more facial expressions!   However, if there is going to be a new V, the Home Office does think that Juliet from Lost is a good casting call.

So, we’re giving it a preemptive thumbs down on principle alone.

Good luck.

* “Life is a highway” is another example that comes to mind.  Rascal Flatts, leave Tom Cochrane with his hit, puh-lease.

W’s update: Three items worth noting

1) very pleasantly surprised to find H interested in watching this marathon with me. Perhaps I’ve lowered the bar, by having baseball and football on so often, but I’ll take it.

2) Head Lizard, Diana, has to be one of the sexiest villanesses of the 80s. Think i had a crush on her as a 7yr old. No way the 2000’s version will be able to compete. (plus: original Diana – Jane Badler – was born in Brooklyn!)

3) Highlight from last night’s viewing: This terrible “special effect” when we first learn that the Visitors don’t snack on Pringles

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