Inadvertant hot topic

In the  twitter feed I just mentioned how “Jeff Dunham and the Peanut” was randomly referenced by W at the home office. I had no idea what he was talking about, and he pulled up a clip on You Tube of Jeff Dunham and his apparently popular 80’s ventriloquist act to show me. AS I WRITE, we are just now watching this week’s 30 Rock for the first time, in which Jeff Dunham not only appears, but his new show is heavily promoted.  We are freaking out about the coincidence. However, the tv is on a fair amount of time at the home office, so it’s possible Jeff Dunham was in W’s subconscious. BUT, W is also incredibly gifted at referencing random Seinfeld characters/ American Idol contestants (Camille Valasco, anyone?*)/ kids from Elementary School, etc on a daily basis.

Very weird

W knows the name “Camille Velasco.” And we wonder why we have trouble learning new things.

* I just asked W, “quick, off of the top of your head, name me a random Americal Idol contestant” and that’s what he came up with in .02 seconds

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