The History of Blogging

“If blogs and Facebook had existed throughout history, whose updates would you be most interested to read?”

Break out the whiteboard!

We both agreed that Ben Franklin would probably be the most interesting to “friend” – always full of little witticisms, inventive thoughts and snarky comments about the British. I’d be one of the first to follow @bfranks76 on Twitter. And what would his blog be titled? H favored “Speaking Frankly“. My vote would be for “All About the Benjamin”.

I bet the “Lincoln Logs” would be a great blog.

I have a fascination with world explorers. So I also think that Magellan’s blog (“Straight from Magellan”) would be some good reading.  My guess is that it would be a bit pretentious and obnoxious though with Ferdinand always bragging about all of the cool new places he’s been. I am sure he’d post lots of drawings of him with exotic women and boast about how many cheap spices he just bought.

Yes, this is what happens after hours at the Home Office. Please add a comment if you think of any others (of course, extra points for explorers).

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