Social Media Policy

H is mutli-platform, multi-channel, and multi-media. She is all over Facebook, twitter, the blog, etc.

What this also means, is that every move, comment or misadventure I have, could potentially be blog fodder. I’ve often began to tell a friend a story or anecdote to which they reply “I know – I read H’s post”.  The other, more dangerous, downside is that some of my more embarrassing items may also become public knowledge.

Thus, I’ve had to institute the “social media ban” clause to our relationship. ie. I often need to tell H – “no uploads about this!”

ie. I made H retract a FB status update detailing how I was watching German porn until 3AM, while in Nuremburg for business (for the record: not true).

H UPDATE: While W was trying to write this post, he called to me “hey, what was that thing I did that I instilled a social media ban on?”  I couldn’t recall… all I could come up with was “I think you did something really girly”.  See, if it was facebooked, that memory would live on forever.  Now?  gone.

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