Let’s get physical

One would think the home office lifestyle would be conducive to hitting the gym and getting in tip top shape. One would think!

But now a certain new annoying coworker with 5% body fat (I call him Chubs, or “skinny little f*ck” depending on mood) is on my [big] ass all the time about going to the gym.

I have a new weight loss technique: weigh yourself with your sneakers on. Then assume your sneakers weigh however-many-pounds-overweight you are that day.

Today will be a good day on the scale since it’s raining– wet shoes are HEAVY

W’s update: According to CNN, recessions result in lower death rates. “…Having no job means more time to hit the gym or just go for a walk. Exercise leads to weight loss, and research shows that it correlates with less smoking (though which causes which isn’t clear). Being unemployed or underemployed also means more time for sleep, which improves health.”

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