Then Who is Little Jack Horner?

I was lying on the couch earlier and think i got bit by a spider. I mentioned this to H to which she replied “ok, Little Bo Peep”.

I’m not opposed to sheep but after pondering for a few minutes I called her out on exactly what she meant by that.

H: “Didn’t she get bit by a spider that sat down beside her?”

W: “Umm…No. I am pretty sure that was Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet eating porridge”.

Turns out Nursery Rhymes are not our strong suit. If we have a kid, there’s a fairly good chance they’ll be reciting a tale of Old Mother Hubbard losing her lamb and living in a shoe.

PS. I just asked H to name me another nursery rhyme and she started to quote Run DMC. Mother Goose she’s not.

Update from H: 1) I think someone besides Rev Run has said “hey diddle diddle”; 2) W thought Little Jack Horner also ate curds and whey, when i insist that he stuck his thumb into a blueberry pie or something

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