Pickles and swine flu!

Last week we went to an Oktoberfest event at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  It was pretty cool being in the BBG after official hours.  It featured several stations of  craft beer, paired with artisanal cheeses and specialty pickles.  It was all properly dignified and filled with people who were impressed they knew about the event.  I likened it to being in a real life Stuff White People Like post.

It was nice, though kinda felt like attending a work-friend wedding at which you don’t know any other people and the cocktail hour is weak (hmmm guess we’re having cheese for dinner…).  It was the first time they had such a thing, and they underestimated the amount of booze 200 people can put down.  There was also not much more than a toothpick with which to grab your pickles from the platter.  In the case of some of the smaller, slimier pickles and the pickled green beans, people started to just reach into the bowl  (try picking up a pickled green bean in a vat of brine with a toothpick and then you judge).  That being said, I’m expecting the swine flu to hit me at any second. I’m not usually of  hypochondriac germophobe nature, but I don’t know hipsters’ handwashing habits.

However the highlight for me was viewing the photos of the event on Metromix.


I am so happy this passing moment of time was captured. I know the beer and cheese is disappearing, and I am visibly worried. HURRY UP AND TAKE YOUR F’N CHEESE! That is W behind me, wanting to know what the hold up is as well

Next stop, New York Social Diary!

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